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高山文冬姜茶 BENTONG HIGHLAND GINGER TEA BAG 40G (2g x 20 sachets)
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每日早晨一杯 张洪高山文冬姜茶,可促进血液循环;着凉或受寒时,为自己再冲泡一杯 张洪高山文冬姜茶 能使全身发热,有助于驱逐体内风寒。




1小包张洪高山文冬姜茶 + 250毫升热水。 静放2分钟,趁热饮用。


如一小包张洪高山文冬姜茶 放保温杯 +  热水就方便,随时都可以补充热能。
饮用完,还可以添加2次热水 (还是有姜味)。一小包张洪高山文冬姜茶 足够提供一天的热源。



  1. ​​​​​温身驱寒
  2. 提升免疫系统
  3.  改善血液循 
  4. 减轻感冒,咳嗽症状
  5. 缓解肠胃胀气 
  6. 有助改善便秘
  7. 减轻晨吐 
  8. 有助控制血糖和胆固醇 
  9. 改善生理经痛 
  10. 帮助改善消化系统 


From ancient times to present, medical books and health care have highly recommended the health of ginger.


The vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in ginger help restore and improve blood circulation.

Normally office ladies who long time working under air-conditioned environment and loves drink cold beverage and sweets, it is easy to accumulate constitution become cold and cause cold hands and feet.

In addition, who dont like exrcise everyday, are afraid of the sun, lack of sleep, your constitution will be cold and will insufficient heat source in the body.


A cup of Bentong Highland Ginger Tea Bag in the morning can promote our blood circulation. If your feleling cold when weather change, brewing another cup of ginger tea for yourself. It can make your whole body warm and helps body expel cold.



Easy brewing method:

1 sachet of bentong highalnd ginger tea bag + 250 ml of hot water. Let stand for 2 minutes, ready drink.


Put a sachet of bentong highland ginger tea bag + 500ml hot water into thermos flask was more convenient. Bentong highland ginger tea can be replenished at any time.


After finish drinking, you can also add other hot water twice times (still have taste of gingery). 

A sachet of Bentong Highalnd Ginger tea bag was enough provide energy power for the day. 



Benefit of Bentong Highland Ginger Tea Bag :

  1. To reduce and warm up the body
  2. Help to improves immune system
  3. For improving blood circulation
  4. For relief of fever, cough and cold
  5. Help to relief of flatulence
  6. To improve constipation
  7. For relief mild vomiting
  8. Help in controlling blood sugar and cholesterol
  9. To reduce menstrual pain
  10. ​​​Improves digestive system