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女人只有养于内,才能美于外 !



唯一的办法就是补充好内外热源 - 张洪高山文冬姜因为只有身体保暖,气血自然充足,五脏六腑功也能运作良好,才有好气色。


  • (一)女人需要从饮食开始,每天都要补充内热源如: - 擦姜,吃姜,喝姜,吃温热的食物如:姜黄酒鸡汤、胡椒汤、 姜鸭、咖喱、蒜、葱、十全大补、花椒、肉桂、辣椒...等等。


  • (二)每天晚上九点坚持足浴,张洪高山文冬姜浴澡包热水泡脚20分钟。
  • (三)每天都要有适量的运动,流汗为标准 (也是最好的内热源)。


  • (四)每天都做好保暖措施,以免受到寒气进入体内,特别是人体8个敏感部位最怕冷怕风,头部、颈部、鼻、耳、背部、腰腹部、膝盖和足部。


  • (五)如身体有疼痛/酸痛可以按推并温敷,疼痛就可缓解。
  • (六)良好心情 - 笑容会化解所有的不满,是种力量可以海纳百川。




高山文冬姜粉(内服)| 补足高热源


清晨之时,胃中之气有待升发,要吃张洪高山文冬姜粉可以健脾温胃,为一天中饮食的消化吸收做好 “铺垫”。


高山文冬姜粉 可以调在温热的饮料里如茶,奶茶,美禄,麦片或咖啡,口感更佳,可健脾暖胃之



高山文冬姜粉 -补足高热源效益:

  1. ​​​​​提升能量水平
  2. 有助于健脾益气
  3. 暖身驱寒
  4. 增强免疫力
  5. 增强记忆力
  6. 促进头发生长




Women can only be beautiful on the outside if their beauty are nurtured from the inside!


In today’s busy society, many women have often adopted many conscious or subconscious behaviors during their daily lifestyles and work, which they have unknowingly and to some extend affected their health. In the process of pursuing health, some women may have engaged in the wrong area of health because they do not have the proper guidance and the results can be counterproductive.


The only way is to supplement the internal and external heat sources with Cheong Hoong Bentong Highland Ginger (Supply High Heat Source), because only when the body is kept warm, then the Qi energy and blood are naturally sufficient, and the internal organs of the five internal organs can work well.


Nurturing Method:


• 1Start from your diet, supplement your internal body heat source by: - rubbing ginger, eating ginger and drinking ginger. Consume warm food such as: tumeric wine chicken soup, pepper soup, ginger duck, chilli, curry, garlic, shallots, tonic food, peppercorns, cinnamon, and so on.

This is especially needed for office workers living in big cities and under blowing air-conditioners for long periods of time. The air-conditioners are blowing from morning till night. They are blowing at work, after work and even at night while they are sleeping. Although this air-conditioner keeps you refreshingly cooled, its coldness frequently enters your body. Through this, the cold air is repeatedly pressed into your body, in a layer by layer stage, which can ultimately cause many chronic diseases to appear.



2Take a foot bath consistently at nine every night by soaking your feet in hot water for 20 minutes with Cheong Hoong Bentong Highland Ginger Bath Bag.



3Suitable amount of exercise daily, and we should aim to perspire as a standard (that is the best source of internal body heat).


At the same time, try to maintain at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise daily to strengthen body’s resistance and immunity. When the body is perspiring heavily after a strenuous exercise, do not enter into an air-conditioned room. Otherwise the coldness will invade the body.



• 4Keep warm every day to prevent the coldness from entering the body. Especially for the 8 parts of our body which is most sensitive to cold, namely, the head, neck, nose, ear, back, waist and abdomen, knees and feet.


For the women, she can prepare a small blanket or shawl to protect her exposed shoulders, knees and other parts that can be easily subjected to the cold.



• 5If your body has pain or aches, massage and apply some heat to relieve them.



6Maintain a good mooda smile will resolve all dissatisfaction and is a driving force to overcome everything


Healthy women are then most beautiful and happy. It is not only closely related to appearance and figure, but also a guarantee of confidence to handle work and life.


Bentong Highland Ginger Powder (for Oral Consumption) | Supplement For High Heat Source 

A Gentle Reminder:
In the early morning, the “Qi” in the stomach needs to be increased. By taking  Bentong Highland Ginger Powder, it can strengthen the spleen and warm the stomach, paving the way for the effective digestion and absorption of our diet  throughout the day.


Consumption method:

Take 1 to 2 times daily (morning and evening). Put half a teaspoon of Cheong Hoong bentong highland ginger powder into your mouth each time, allow the ginger powder to melt slowly with the saliva. Alternatively, you can add a small amount of water into the powder and mix it until it turns into a puree, then swallow slowly. For those who are not used to this method, progressive step by step practice would yield better effective results.

Easy brewing::

Cheong Hoong Bentong Highland Ginger Powder can be mixed into warm beverages such as tea, milk tea, oatmeal, Milo or coffee. It tastes better and can relieve flatulence.


Benefit of Bentong Highland Ginger Powder:

  1. Improves energy Levels                   
  2. Helps to strengthen the spleen and promote vitality
  3. Warms up the body  and expel the cold                   
  4. Enhances the immunity
  5. Enhances the memory
  6. Promotes Hair Growth


Note: The content in this article is only for promoting common health knowledge. It is not to be used for prescription. If necessary, please consume under a physician’s or a professional’s guidance.